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RushCube | Helicopter Lift Services

Rush Cube Helicopter Lifts are the best in the business. Our partners in the construction helicopter services business are the very best across the country. All partners are experts in construction heath and safety, all are licensed and certified to transport heavy equipment in the most safe and secure way. All of our partners are constantly upgrading their construction security and health and safety measures, so that Rush Cube clients can have full confidence in transportation jobs no matter how large or small. Rush Cube welcomes corporations and individuals to contact them to consult and arrange Rush Cube Helicopter Lifts for any size job.

Rush Cube Helicopter Lifts For Safety and Affordability

Affordability is important in business. There are many heavy lifting jobs that are more appropriate for helicopter lifts done by licensed and certified experts than many people realize. The cost of a crane for heavy lifts is often outrageous. Rush Cube Helicopter Lifts can do those jobs more affordably and without compromising construction security or health and safety. In fact, providing the best in construction security for protection of personal safety is our number one priority. The versatility of a helicopter lift allows for more options in lifting, transporting and depositing heavy items in hard to reach places. Our expert pilots offer lifting capability up to 25,000 lbs and they are of precision long lining to very close tolerances in diverse environments, from isolated areas to congested urban areas, with minimal disruption of the local environment.

Rush Cube Helicopter Lifts for a Complete Aerial View

Rush Cube Helicopter Lift pilots, are not just the best helicopter pilots in the country, they are construction security experts as well, especially in the area of heavy lifts and ground control for large construction or demolition projects. There are some projects that would only be improved by taking that expert aerial view and the advice of our Helicopter Lift pilots. A helicopter tour is quite different from a construction industry expert having a solid look at your work site from the air. That trained eye can spot potential challenges- saving you money, increasing your construction security, and offering strategies that you can put in place today to improve construction and lift health and safety plans.
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