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RushCube | Helicopter Charters

Who hasn't wished for the power to be whisked away from a traffic jam or a crowded street during a festival, to fly above the crowds or the line of cars? With RushCube Helicopter Charters you don't have to fight the throngs to get where you need to be. Our partners offer helicopter charters for any occasion in any location around the country. Whether you need a helicopter hire for quick travel time to a cross-city meeting or want to take the love of your life on a very special date night flight, our helicopter charters will get you there in style.

Our clients come from all walks of life. Our rates are affordable and safety is our number one priority in getting you to your chosen destination. Our helicopters are the most modern available and exceed the Federal Aviation Administration's safety requirements. RushCube Helicopter Charters only hires the most highly trained and experienced pilots so you can rest easy knowing that your trip will run smoothly and efficiently. For extra peace of mind you may request a co-pilot to fly along as well.

If you need a helicopter hire the best providers available. RushCube Helicopter Charters has the national presence and the network to fulfill your needs every time. Our charters are often used for mundane trips across the city but they can also be the highlight of your year. We offer our services for everything from customized tours to animal tracking and even videography and photography expeditions.

Call us today for more information or to schedule a helicopter charter. You can even purchase a gift certificate for a friend you think might like to try our service. They are valid for up to two years and are transferable to any of our nationwide partners.
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