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Rush Cube | White Water Rafting

Rafting and whitewater rafting are invigorating activities that use an inflatable raft to steer a river or any other water body. Rafting is done on whitewater or in discrepant degrees of bumpy water, and it involves new and taxing locations for the participants.

White water rafting basics

White water rafting is one of the most thrilling experiences of a lifetime. Rafting offers you with the opportunity of experiencing incredible adventure and excellent exercise. There are grand places where you can go for river rafting all over the globe; however the best rivers for whitewater rafting are found in the United States.

Rush Cube is a licensed river rafting organization where we guide you in planning of rafting trips. We provide you with skilled guides and premeditated routes for your rafting rides. We also offer training for the beginner river rafters. Our rafting services are intended for both starters and experts.

There are lots of excellent places to go for white water rafting here in the United States. Possibly the most famous of all is the American River. The American River begins in Sierra Nevada and divides into the Middle Fork, South Fork, and North Fork before uniting again near Sacramento, CA. The River offers a broad range of rafting experiences, from trouble-free rapids for trainees to tricky stretches navigated by professional rafters.

Our services

Rush Cube rafting tours are accessible to various major rivers in the United States. Our rafting trips are offered in many diverse lengths, which vary from a single day hike to two week's hikes. Our river rafting adventures are customized for families in addition to trips that accommodate expert rafters. Many people assume that river rafting is only done in the Southwest region; however, it is not the only region for rafting adventures. Oregon, North Carolina, Texas, and scores of other states also have excellent rivers which offer ultimate rafting experiences.

White-water torrents are classified according to their levels of difficulty. Water currents, speed and the number of rocks are also some other features that influence a river's evaluation. The rivers that are easy to navigate are the Class I. The Class VI rivers are deemed to be impossible to cruise. At Rush Cube we have first-class equipments that are more advanced; hence our clients can navigate through any extreme challenges under the watchful eye of our skilled guides.

River rafting is an enjoyable and daring sport. River rafting vacations are ideal for individuals who brave challenges and love to be part of great adventures.

Visit us on our website at rushcube.com or give us a call to speak to a professional about your next big rafting tour and find out about our rafting services.
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