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Skydiving Therapy: RushCube's 12,500 Feet Of Therapy

Skydiving Therapy

RushCube's 12,500+ feet Of Therapy

Dealing with death, divorce, depression, or just need a spark in life? Ever considered skydiving?

Now before you say we've jumped out of too many planes and bumped our heads, think about the following: Have you ever been upset and went to the gym to "blow off some steam" or just need "that feeling"? That is the same effect one gets when skydiving. Studies show that some find the mix of endorphines and chemicals the body produces lift them from the depression they’re in, while others find the sense of teamwork and inclusion fills a void they have. 

The Be Bold Take The Leap Initiative is the perfect example of using skydiving as therapy. These ladies have all been through life changing experiences, both good & bad, and use skydiving to add empowerment and "that spark" in their lives.

We drew inspiration for this article from the following articles: Depressed Try Skydiving, How Skydiving Changed My Life, Skydiving Therapy, When Skydiving Saves Lives

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