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Helicopter Tours: RushCube's 4 Tips For An Awesome Ride

tips for an awesome helicopter ride

At RushCube we offer both Helicopter Tours & Commercial Helicopter use & in the article we share our 4 Tips For An Awesome Helicopter ride.

Tip 1: Decide where you want to take your tour
Every city has it owns beautiful scenery so do your research and pick your starting point.

Tip 2: Pick between an aerial or landing tour (If an option)
First let's go over the differences between the two (with the Grand Canyon as an example):

An aerial tour is one that does not land, and, in the best sense of the word, is a "flightseeing" trip. They fly over key landmarks before circling back and landing at the airport.

A landing tour combine everything you get with an aerial tour as well as a landing at the top of the canyon or at its base.
Tip 3: 🎶Can I Get A Window Seat🎶 
Keep in mind if this a group trip that seating is determined by weight of all passengers, but if you have the opportunity be sure to book/get a window seat and enjoy the view.

Tip 4: Book Early
No this isn't a marketing ploy this is a fact that most helicopter tours do book up & sell out quick across the country. Waiting 72 hours before your trip to book a tour probably isn't in your best interest.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to have a sky-view of your favorite US city or travel destination? At RushCube, we make it easier than ever to book a helicopter tour and have the flight of your life. Call Today 960.969.3888

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