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Live Life to the Fullest with Pilot Flight Training

Life is about making choices and planning for your future. There's no better way to aim high than by enrolling in flight training at RushCube. Flight schools are a great way to kick-start your exciting and successful new future into overdrive with superior flight training and pilot certifications. Are you ready for the first day of your new aviation adventure? Come to RushCube where you will have an unforgettable time while learning!

Best Flight Schools Options for Pilots

RushCube makes it easy to choose from numerous flight schools across the U.S. due to the vast number of flight training and certifications available from novice to advanced. Never been in an aircraft before? RushCube's Introductory flight will help you choose the program that is right for your needs and goals. Are you ready for the exciting new world of aviation? Check out the following flight training programs.

Introductory Flights

Let RushCube take you up and away for approximately 25-30 minutes, allowing you to experience the world as if you were already a pilot. Not only will you fly 10,000 feet above the ground, you can consider the Introductory Flight your first flying lesson. The time spent on this Introductory Flight will also count toward your flight time quotas!

Sport Pilot License

Many flight schools offer the Sport Pilot License but only RushCube offers this course at such a highly affordable rate. If you love to fly, this certification will save you big money while opening the door to a new hobby or career. Allow the sport pilot flight training to be a destination or merely a stepping stone toward more certifications and a better job.

Private Pilot License

Whether you want to work or play in the sky, choose to earn your Private Pilot License from RushCube. Of all the flight schools you will find, only RushCube will give you the freedom you need in a flight training program. As a private pilot, you will fly solo or with a friend, volunteer for charity projects or work in agriculture. You will have numerous options to explore and discover with private pilot flight training.

Instrument Rating

Advance your career or learn more about aviation with the Instrument Rating flight training program. Learn to read your instrument panels and make important decisions regarding the weather when you choose an Instrument Rating certification from RushCube.

Commercial Pilot License

Choose the flight schools that will see that you get to the other side. At RushCube, you will obtain your commercial pilot's license in record time, learning from the best men and women in the sky. With your new commercial pilot license, you will have many options such as cargo pilot, airline pilot and flight crew member.

There are many flights schools but only one RushCube. Call today: 1-877-651-1747!

There are also other flight training programs and additional certifications available to students at RushCube, allowing you to fully explore a career in aviation. Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed about flight schools because only one has the trusted name of RushCube.

Tell RushCube's flight training personnel which pilot program is right for you!
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