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RushCube | Book a Video Game Truck for your Next Special Event!

If you are a parent, you must have come to terms with the fact that there are video games in your future. You can't ignore Game Truck Parties, especially if you have winter events requiring weatherproof birthday party options. For a couple of hours, your kids and probably their friends are joined together facing down a wall of unfettered screen time and in other instances joined up simultaneously in the same game. They will be comrades, gamers or even dance champions.

RushCube video game trucks are custom built mobile arcades designed for video games parties and other children’s events. Game trucks keep the most up to date games and systems in stock and travel to a convenient location. They feature inside and outside gaming stations built with a photo booth with a prop box and a printer, DJ style lights and music, and some trucks even have a popcorn machine. Our professional network of video game trucks service providers is available to give you the experience of a lifetime for birthdays and other private parties, fairs and festivals, block parties, school activities, church groups, middle and high school graduations, fundraisers, charity and corporate events or any occasion.

We offer a wide variety of games for all ages. Video game parties are recommended for kids who can manage video games probably from the age of six.

Video Game Parties

Our state of the art mobile game trucks are the star of every party and are guaranteed to startle. Imagine playing the some of hottest games such as Guitar Hero, Epic Mickey 2, Call of Duty, Just Dance Kids, and Madden Football among others, on huge flat screens in a climate controlled gaming utopia. You can imagine all of that in addition to multi-player gameplay, laser light effects, surround sound audio, and fog machines and the kids will get an experience they will never forget!

RushCube video game trucks turn parents into heroes at every party!

At RushCube, we understand how hard it can be, to find something unique and original to keep your kids attention and keep everyone at a party busy. RushCube provides a fun and interactive experience for video gaming enthusiasts. We have the most experienced game room staff, the latest and best video game selection, and we have the best prices guaranteed. We turn parents into heroes in every event.

Offering the ultimate event experience at an Unbeatable Value

Video game parties are just among the exciting activities available in RushCube mobile entertainment event. Join the thousands of happy kids, youths and grown-ups who have the pleasure and experience of our heart-pounding activities at private parties, fairs and festivals, block parties, school activities, church groups, summer camps and more.

The RushCube video gaming truck comes to you providing several unique features; it is self-powered with a generator that provides reliable power, it is spacious with high ceilings, has heaters and AC units, and offers up to 16+ people playing games at the same time including PS4, Plasma screens, Xbox One, and Wii, platforms and games, all with wireless controllers.

RushCube video game trucks are the best for people seeking to roll an amazing party experience. Book your event now!
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