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Rush Cube | Hang Gliding

Are You Ready for Adventure? Choose Hang Gliding!

Are you an adrenaline junkie, air sportsman or adventure sports enthusiast? If so, you are in for the unforgettable opportunity of a lifetime! With RushCube's hang gliding adventure, you will need to prepare yourself for a truly liberating and exhilarating experience! The feeling you get while hang gliding is like nothing you have ever experienced before!

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Let RushCube Introduce You to Adventure Sports!

If you have never heard of hang gliding, this is one of many adventure sports you can enjoy thanks to RushCube. Hang gliding allows you to become the pilot of a non-motorized foot launched air craft. While both frame and wing construction of your hang glider will vary, every pilot is outfitted with a harness that is suspended from the frame of the glider.

The harness is used by the pilot to control the hang gliding experience by shifting his weight against the control frame. Depending on the hang glider used, you may be equipped with a flight control system. With the wings directly on your back and an aviation experience devoid of a noisy engine motor, you will enjoy an indescribably real sensation of flying.

Come to RushCube and experience the magical sensation of gliding with the winds among billowy clouds, high above the ground?

Launch Your Fun Filled Day with Hang Gliding!

As you run down a grass covered slope with the wind moving across the wings of your hang glider, anticipation and excitement will build, making it hard to keep your feet on the ground - literally! Once you have reached approximately fifteen miles per hour with your hang glider, you will become airborne! Gravity no longer becomes something that weighs you down, but rather a tool used to generate your liberation and freedom!

Aloft and in flight, hang gliding will become one of your new favorite adventure sports as you soar far above the earth, home of all your troubles and cares. RushCube's hang gliding adventure will give you the freedom you deserve and the break you need as you gain a new perspective! Allow the experienced professionals at RushCube to assist you with this breath-taking adventure as you become a hang gliding enthusiast or a certified hang glider pilot.

Become a Certified Hang Glider Pilot

RushCube wants every second of your hang gliding adventure to be absolutely amazing and unforgettable. That's why our qualified instructors will give you an introductory lecture on hang gliding, followed by a thirty to forty-five minute flight that will teach you numerous turns, flips and other moves that will guarantee your happiness and success as a certified hang glider pilot.

For the time of your life, call RushCube! 1-877-651-1747
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