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Limos were once the sole privilege of the Heads of States, Presidents, and royalties - the deluxe limousine services are now available to the general public through our RushCube limousine services. The word limousine instantaneously takes our minds to the chauffeur driven extravagant sedan that stretches out to extensive distances. The fantasy limousine is now within your reach at an affordable price. Our travel operators offer you luxury limousines for all kinds of functions with features such as safety, comfort, courteous services, reliability and professionalism.

Limousine service prices

Our prices vary depending on the occasion desired. For example, if you require a limousine for business reasons, then we will offer you with a more professional looking ride devoid of added features as compared to one hired for a prom. As a result, the bigger the demands, the higher the prices. Additionally, we also offer, limousine services for weekends, weddings, and special occasions with each service having its unique rate.


At RushCube our limousine services look very royal; we provide those hiring our limos with extra comfort and style in traveling. Thus, our well-designed limousines are not just stretched cars; we ensure that we fit the limos with all possible facilities. The amenities we offer make our rides literally a heaven for you while on the road. The services ensure that the enjoyment of the passenger is not compromised in any way, and these facilities are not overcrowded in the limos, just for the sake it.

Deciding on the type of limousine you want to hire:

We help you to choose the type of vehicle you need. Our Vehicles include:

Sedans (mostly Town cars but occasionally Mercedes or Specialized Sedans), SUV Limousines, stretch limos, Hummer and other classic cars such as the Rolls Royce.

Our packages

Opting for a package is the best choice for unique events like weddings, concerts, sporting experiences or other kinds of events with a scheduled start and end time. Our Packages offers you with a stipulated number of hours in a car that suits your party size and occasion for a set, wide-ranging price.

When booking for our limos, ensure that you get a copy of the agreement and reservation, authentication/reservation number, in addition to our cancellation procedure through our email or gives us a call to speak to one our professionals.

Getting the right limousine depends on the nature of your occasion, the size of your party; number of hours that need to use the car and distance you are going. For more information about our limousine services, call us at 1-877-651-1747 today!
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