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RushCube's Dos & Don'ts: Skydiving

Skydiving DOs and DONTs

RushCube's Skydiving Tips For Beginners

So you've been dancing around the idea of skydiving for awhile and with Summer right around the corner what better time to grab life by the...horns & mark it off your bucketlist. Hopefully a few of our DOs & DON'Ts will help you as you prepare for the dive.


The longer you think about it the more time you'll put it off so as soon as the opportunity presents itself go for it.

DON'T: Drink & Dive

That's right "Liquid Courage" is not your friend this go around. We understand you might be looking to calm your nerves but you need to be 100% lucid as possible so you're aware of all the directions given and you don't screw something up.

DO: Give in to peer pressure

Now hear us out, we don't promote peer pressure but in this case we suggest going with a group of supportive and just as excited friends, coworkers, &/or family members to help make to dive

DON'T: Give into fear

We spoke about this in our 5 Ways To Overcome Skydiving Fears article, "FEAR is "False Evidence Appearing Real" so don't let it ruin a life changing experience.

DO: Get educated

Before arriving at the jump site do your "homework" and be sure to pay close attention to your tandem partner when they're preparing you for the jump.

DON'T: Look down


Well there you have it folks a few DOs & DON'Ts we hope help.

If we have scared you off give us a call 1-860-969-3888 and book your skydive package today

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