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Get The Most Out Of Your Flight Lessons: RushCube's 10 Tips

10 Flight Lesson Tips

So you're considering taking up flight lessons or already doing so (hopefully you took advantage of our Father's Day 30% off flight lessons special) & want to get the most out them, basically get your moneys-worth.  Well before you hop on that plane and kiss the sky we have a few tip to help you "Get The Most Out Of Your Flight Lessons"

1. Use a Syllabus or Outline Training Course
Having a logical order of flight training allows you to track your process lesson by lesson. OTCs (Online Training Courses) are also helpful to prepare you.

2. Prepare for each lesson in advance
Study, study, study. Your instructor will give you "homework" or suggested readings, make sure you thoroughly follow through.

3. Become part of the airport community 
Getting to know other students and instructors will bring on the comfort needed each time you arrive for your lessons. Another benefit of joining the airport community is the valuable advice shared.
10 Flight Lesson Tips

4. Minimize distractions
Simply put PAY ATTENTION. We know during your classroom and in-air lessons you're going to want to post your experience via Instagram/Snapchat but minimizing distractions can safe your life.

5. Start with an organized cockpit
For a positive learning experience organize the cabin. Have your sectionals, kneeboard, E68, etc. accessible.
10 Flight Lesson Tips

6. Use a video-based home-study course in conjunction with your training at the airport
Using a home-study course will allow you to prepare in advance for both classroom and flight lessons, and is much more engaging than simply text book studying.

7. Maintain a consistent lesson schedule
Knowledge and skill retention is important so schedule at 2 to 3 lessons per week.

8. Show up for each lesson well rested
To avoid wasting both you and your instuctor's time be sure to show up physically and mentally rested.

9. Don’t skimp on the post-flight briefing
One of the most important components, the post-flight briefing. You'll go over when you did well along with what you need to improve on; keep a logbook with your flight times.

10. Set realistic expectations
Know there will be a learning curve, but with preparation in the classroom and in the air you'll become proficient. 

There you have it, our 10 tips to "Get The Most Out Of Your Flight Lessons". Ready to book your flight lessons & help someone get there pilot wings give us a call 1-860-969-3888 or visit www.RushCube.com. Don't expect to execute each new maneuver and procedures during the first attempt, as you become comfortable don't settle for just meeting the FAA minimums.

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