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ZIP! SOAR! FLY!: RushCube's Top Pro Zipline Tips

Pro Zipline Tips

RushCube's Top Pro Zipline Tips

The closet thing to human flight, other than skydiving, ziplining is a perfect Summertime bucketlist adventure. So here are 7 tips for the best zipline experience: 

1. Pay attention to youguide

Pro Zipline Tips

    Everything you need to know comes from these groups of experts.

2. Wear sneakers

     Unless you want to leave barefoot, tie or strap them up.

3. Dress in form-fitting clothing

    Why? So that the equipment the guide straps fit with no issues and for a smooth ride, especially if your route has surrounding trees.

4. Choose gloves that fit you

Pro Zipline Tips

    ROPE BURNS, need we say more?

5. Wear a helmet

Pro Zipline Tips
Safety first people.

6. Prepare to Spend a Few Hours on Your Zipline Tour

    Between the orientation and the actual tour, you can expect to spend at least three hours on your zipline adventure.
7. Step off the platform

Pro Zipline Tips

    Like Nike says "Just Do It", shake any fear and enjoy the amazing sights.

There you have it our tips to a successful ziplining adventure. Have some tips of your own you'd like to share comment below & if you want to check ziplining off your Summertime bucketlist give us a call today 860-969-3888

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