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RushCube | Feel the Rush of Skydiving

The plane rattles as it climbs higher into the air. The wind rushes by outside. Your skydiving instructor stands at the front of the plane and rattles off a list of reminders –

Then opens the door. One by one, you and your classmates walk to the door, say your prayers or cross your fingers, and jump.

Everyone remembers their first time skydiving. The nerves. The exhilaration of free fall. The sweet sense of ecstasy upon landing and realizing you've done it – you've proved your courage, and you're okay. Now imagine sitting down with your friends and family and relaying your story. Just imagine the look on their faces.

Our goal? To get you prepared and get you in the air, whether it's your first skydive or you're a seasoned veteran.

Our Services

Thanks to our business partnerships, we're able to offer several skydiving options – there's something for anyone who's brave enough to take the leap. Check out our options and let us know what you like.

Tandem Skydiving

One of the most popular skydiving services in America, tandem skydiving allows you to take the leap of faith – with a highly trained instructor. Tandem skydiving let's you take to the air faster than other services as it requires minimal training. After a brief free fall, your instructor will pilot your parachute safely to the ground.

Accredited Free Fall Certification

While tandem skydiving is a blast, true daredevils seek to fall through the skies by themselves. You'll jump from over 10 000 feet in the air, and you'll be responsible for pulling your own parachute cord and piloting yourself to the ground. AFF Certification is the absolute fastest way to experience free fall by yourself.

Static Line

While it's not like you'll forget to pull your parachute once you're free falling to the ground, a static line jump removes that concern entirely. Essentially, when you jump from the plane, a static line is attached to your chute and pulls it open for you. Less free fall time, but more certainty.

Skydiving Videos

The best part about any great adventure is sharing it with friends and family. Imagine their faces when you sit them in front of your television and show them a well-shot video of your skydiving experience. Video can be shot by either Handicam or a professional videographer, though the type and quality of the video will be dependent on the location of your skydiving experience.

Skydive Today

All of our skydiving services are good for up to two years from the date purchased, and in case you decide you want to try something else, they're transferable to any other activity or location that we offer. Call us today to reserve your place on the plane!

If you're still uncertain, just check out some testimonials from people who have taken the leap.
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