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RushCube Game Truck Parties

Whether it is a role-playing game or a racing game, there is something innately fun about putting a group of people together to play video games. Most people don't have the technological setup or room at their homes to host a video game party, but now there is a way to bring the set up to you. 

RushCube Game truck parties bring a new level of fun to your birthday party, reunion, or even wedding reception. Our climate-controlled affiliate game trucks are self-contained with large screen HD-TVs and the latest consoles and games available. Let our game truck parties host manage the party while you sit back and enjoy the feeling of knowing that your friends and loved ones are having the time of their lives.

Let RushCube temporarily turn your home into the mobile gaming capital of your city. RushCube has affiliates in over 100 cities nationwide. 

Bring the party to your doorstep with RushCube game trucks. Visit www.rushcube.com or call to make a reservation today at 1-877-651-1747. #gametruck #party #videogametruck #gametruckparty

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