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RushCube | Hot Air Balloon Rides

RushCube Hot Air Balloon Rides

Riding in a hot air balloon can be one of the most peaceful and exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. When the propane burners are not firing, riding in a hot air balloon is exceptionally quiet and peaceful. Floating through the air in a hot air balloon not only provides a bird’s eye view of the world, but also feels as though you are floating-still in mid-air.

One of the most unique and exhilarating features of riding in a hot air balloon, aside from the feeling of weightlessness, is the lack of wind. Hot air balloons ride and move with the wind’s natural direction, meaning that passengers feel absolutely no wind, except during takeoff and descent.

Take a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon & Experience the Ride of a Lifetime

At RushCube, we help our clients plan and book the experience of a lifetime with custom ordered hot air balloon rides that are guaranteed to thrill and excite for years to come. We have partnered with hot air balloon companies across America in order to provide the most amazing hot air balloon rides available in the US, as well as unrivalled professional customer service.

As of 2012, there were more than 495 commercially owned and operated "sightseeing" hot air balloon ride in the US and the numbers have only grown since then. RushCube has made it our goal to partner with as many hot air balloon companies in the US, and provide our clients with the easiest and most thrilling experience of a lifetime.

Shared Hot Air Balloon Rides

Sailing over the horizon in a hot air balloon is typically scheduled for sunrise and sunset, and are set in the most beautiful, scenic places on earth. In order to make sure that your experience is as memorable as possible, you have the option of sharing your hot air balloon ride with a group of riders.

Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Rides

For occasions that are more special than your everyday thrill-seeking hot air balloon ride, you also have the option to book an all-exclusive 2 passenger private ride. Looking for the most memorable way to propose? Book an exclusive hot air balloon ride to pop the big question. It is also a great option for celebrating an anniversary, birthday, holiday or any other special occasion.
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